Newsletter – 29 portion-control tips, Debbie Siebers looking fab at 50

These 29 portion-control tips are really great – check it out!


Excellent video about Shakeology!

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Why I decided to become a Beachbody Coach

Here are some of the reasons I became a Beachbody Coach:

  • P90X – I started out with Beachbody when I purchased P90X a few years ago.  I was already working out regularly, but wanted something more intense to bring me to that “next level” of fitness.  I LOVED P90X from the start – all the pushups and pullups in the first Chest & Back workout had me hooked! 
  • INSANITY – Fast forward 2 years, when I purchased INSANITY.  I was still using P90X regularly, but was looking for some super tough cardio work, and I certainly found it with Insanity!  Shaun T pushes you to your limit!
  • Shakeology – I was first introduced to Shakeology with the advertisement at the end of the Insanity workout DVDs.  It sounded great, so I did some more research on it and purchesed it.  I was AMAZED by it the first day I tried it.  I was drinking it at work for breakfast while sitting in a meeting.  I had the biggest urge to just get up and go for a run because Shakeology provides so much energy.  I’ve been using Shakeology for about 5 months now and still love it!
  • %25 Discount – What really drove me to sign up to be a Team Beachbody Coach is the discount!  I get Shakeology shipped to my door automatically every month and this discount will save me a lot of money.  Plus any new programs that I want to try (the new TurboFire looks great), I get them discounted also!
  • Money - being a Beachbody coach gives me the opportunity to make some extra money doing something I love!  I’m already doing the Beachbody workouts and using the products, so why not have the opportunity to make money along with that?

Overall, I think Beachbody is a great company with wonderful products and programs.  Plus, if I get to help some people along the way reach their fitness and health goals, that will be great!

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